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Let your Customers Share their Experience with You

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales and engagements that go a long with it.

Main Features

PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail covers the marketing and unified commerce processes with your customers,
cards management and loyalty programs, customer statuses and all aspects of campaigns and promotions
management, supported by clustering and segmentation models as well as predictive analytics algorythms.

Tailored Customer Profiling

Porini CRM

Get your key figures show up in any customer form.

Customer data:

  • žGeneral registry info, geographical data
  • žStore association attributes (preferred store, preferred sales assistant)
  • žSales transaction history
  • žOverall buying attributes (net sales, average spending, ..)
  • žAddress normalization service

Privacy and preferences:

  • žPrivacy card and logs
  • žContact preferences for marketing purposes


  • žDetailed transaction history
  • žProduct associations, products categories and features
  • žCustomer size and details
  • žCustomer discounts


Porini CRM

Transform any customer visit in a new experience and let your store manager and salespersons be able to promote your brand and make each customer feel the “customer”.

Customer registration:

  • žContact details
  • žDuplicates search
  • žPrivacy permissions and signature


  • žCustomers list by sales assistant
  • žCustomer data, purchase list

Personal and store calendar:

  • žAppointments and tasks


  • žSales reports

Data Analytics and IoT

Porini CRM

Integrate the power of Microsoft Business Intelligence and Azure IoT features. Browse business data in a new unique way, not from the standard analytical way but with a predictive Platform.

Predictive Analytics and IoT:

  • žOpen architecture for extending analysis and data integration

CRM Dashboards:

  • Role based dashboard and search features
  • In line charts to filter customer base

BI Integration:

  • PowerBI analytics on CRM data
  • Excel Analysis
  • Custom BI integration for clustering and customer segmentation

Customer Service and in-store CRM Operations

Drive any action of your customer service in a process-paced and structured way, from in store claim management to HQ enquiries.

Porini CRM

Send notices to customers to share progress of their case and arrange for an appointment.
Let store manager plan for basic marketing activities (i.e. “happy birthday”, “thank you note”).

Consumer Area:

  • žRegistration and profile info
  • žCustomer inquiries
  • žLoyalty program info, transactions and reward request

Store Web App:

  • žDedicated store access to interact with customer base
  • žClaim and repair management
  • žFull case management
  • žOutbound communication: support store manager to deliver to consumer template-driven messages for internal actions as “thank you note”, or events as “dedicated in-store promotions”
  • žAppointments management for special customers

Loyalty Program Management

Create your Loyalty Program, from point collection to tiered-card-types to your brand communities.

Porini CRM

Interact with customers and collect feedbacks, social posts, surveys activities to Loyalty Events to enrich their data profile.

Interact with customers through a dedicated customer area.

Loyalty program management:

  • žPoints collections rules configuration
  • žMultiple programs at same time for extending brand and market distribution

Card Type:

  • žLoyalty card types for point programs, tiered programs, brand communities

Program rewards:

  • žConfigurable rewards for products rewards, discount voucher

Fidelity Point Transactions:

  • žDetailed card balance with all customer sales events (collection, reward, vouchers…)

Marketing Promotions

Set up your fidelity promotions, from leaflet vouchers to after sales promotions.

Porini CRM

Send a voucher for birthday, or give additional points for any positive feedback given to a service or product.

Reward mobile app users for their wish list completeness.

Pre-sale promotions:

  • žLeftlet vouchers – for “bricks” customers
  • žDigital vouchers – for mobile and ecommerce consumers

Post-sales promotions:

  • žDiscounts and vouchers after buying a specific product or a category of products
  • žCross-selling vouchers to enrich consumer fidelization

Transactional promotions:

  • ž“Recurring” promos event-driven: happy birthday, welcome to the program, survey completed, consumer profile enrichment
  • ž“instant” promos for mobile consumption: in-store promotions, app actions, ecommerce-driven actions

Advanced Multichannel Touchpoints

Not just CRM, ecommerce and POS can interact with customer base.

Porini CRM

Mobile apps and websites can collect user behaviour and trigger events on page views or consumer actions.

Opening an email drives a feedback to CRM to enhance consumer preferences knowledge.

Multi-source event engine:

  • žCategorized events: to allow for multiple sources/touchpoints to interact w/ customer base. Common sources are: clienteling app, POS, ecommerce, private area
  • žIntegration with promotional engine
  • žConfigurable actions for specific events: i.e. POS action to trigger loyalty actions, ecommerce product review to price a customer

Outbound communications:

  • žEnhancement of CRM campaign management engine for
    – žEmail: with customizable rich HTML Templates
    ž- SMS/Text messages with custom tags
    – žMobile push notifications
  • žSupport for single transactional activity (thank you note, store opening invitation) with defined company templates

360° Integration Suite

Integrate your legacy systems, from ERP to DWH, from POS to Mobile apps and ecommerce.

Porini CRM

Customer Staging Area:

  • žDedicated SQL Azure Database for both inbound and outbound data exchange
  • žStandard LFR tables for items, transactions, customers, …

LFR Platform Services:

  • žTransactions Import
  • žPoint Calculation Engine
  • žFidelity Promotion Engine
  • ž(Optional) Marketing Automation Services

LFR API REST Service (POS and ecommerce integrations):

  • žNew Customer, Update Customer
  • žRelease New Card: allow for give a new card
  • žGet Customer Data: retrieve all customer data (info and vouchers)
  • žValidate Voucher: verifies if a specific voucher code is valid
  • žUpload Sales Transaction: direct interaction for POS apps
  • žEGON Address Normalization
  • žClienteling Services


An Integrated Social Platform with a set of KPI’s and Dashboard to understand the whole Customer Social Behaviour.

Porini CRM

The company can access the contents of different Social Network quickly, so the employees can view the reactions of its users to any marketing campaigns or new product releases thus becoming proactive and not passive to the “Digital and social World”.

Sales Trend:

  • žCorrelate in a single environment the sales trend to interactions on social enterprise

Marketing campaign:

  • žAssess in real time the effectiveness of a specific marketing campaign, through the use of reporting integrated in CRM

Feedback and Sentiment:

  • žCollect all informations related to products and services sold or promoted by the company reaping the feedback and the sentiment of Social users

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