Porini Iot 4 Financials Microsoft Appsource


PORINI Analytics 4 Financials: discover the new solution based on Microsoft Office, Azure and Power BI.


We are proud to announce that PORINI Analytics 4 Financials is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

PORINI Analytics 4 Financials is a future-oriented forecasting and simulation tools to simulate and anticipate “what if” processes and to make right decisions in a world in constant change. It allows to support planning, economic, balance sheet and financial simulation process integrated in a top-down and dimensional model and line credit optimization to cover net financial position.

The Suite is designed to facilitate interconnected actions of different figures within the company: CEO, CFO, Business Unit Managers and Business Controller. Profiled access and notification system allows the management of business processes. A complete and flexible Analytics module integrates the platform to supply all the functionalities needed by the financial department to monitor main KPI’s both for the past and the future periods.

Visit Porini Analytics 4 Financials page on Appsource


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