Porini 4 HR is the Power Platform & Azure-based solution to support HR management processes and analysis of data from different sources, both standard and ad hoc. The solution was born from the need to analyze data related to the workforce and support HR processes typically not managed by the management systems in use within the company.​

The solution is simple, scalable and modular, so it has the peculiarity of being able to adapt to the specific needs of companies of all sizes and sectors.​


Process Management

  • Recruiting
    Support and simplify the activity coordination between HR and Team Leader throughout the selection process,until the final proposal is defined.
  • Smart Check-In
    The purpose of the app is to allow a controlled and dynamically configurable reservation of spaces and assets such as desks, meeting rooms, parking slots for one or more locations on the National territory.
  • Skills App
    The purpose of the app is to cover the entire flow of Skills Management at employee and team level, having a complete and updated mapping of all resources. The mapping of resources in terms of Skills, certifications and growth plans supports the periodical follow up with simple view of which are in line with their objectives and and showing the Team’s capability to meet the market demands for the specific field it covers.
  • HR Management
    Employee portal with profiled access to the entry of vacation, smartworking, sick and leave requests.
  • EasyXpense
    The EasyXpense module allows you to quickly and efficiently manage the registration and categorization of employee expenses.​ This includes the approval process adn review and is integrated with Teams and email to enable fast and simple process also in mobility.


This module is based on a complete data model focused to the support of main HR related information. Part of this is based on the data retrieves from the App above and part can also be integrated from other data sources such as payroll.

Additional modules

  • Training and Education
  • Performance Development and skill mapping

Microsoft VIVA

Microsoft VIVA is a digital platform for employee experience. It merges communications, knowledge, training, resources, and analytics data into the workflow to promote a culture of work well-being that encourages employees and teams to perform at their best.

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