• P for Health

    The Cloud Based Platform
    to digitalise the healthcare journey

Porini for Health

Porini for Health, based on international data exchange standards, AI models and Microsoft technologies, enables efficient and collaborative management of data and resources to support staff and institutions in providing quality healthcare.

Main features

PORINI FOR HEALTH provides an enabling infrastructure to bring the power of data standardization and intelligence to the world of clinical and medical data.

Clinical Operational Efficiency relies on several data sources that shall be treated as a single body of information. The solution can “connect the dots” between a full range of products and platforms adding its own specific value to any kind of healthcare solution.


Our solution enables informed management of data and resources and can reveal pathways to improve the quality of patient care, clinical data, diagnosis, and business management.


  • Integration Platform: Multiple data sources integration
  • Data Analytics: Extract value from collected data
  • Artificial Intelligence: A new age for healthcare data insights
  • Business Applications: Leverage Microsoft health and collaboration applications to provide value to patients
  • Custom Modules: Extend the platform to suite any specific requirement