In the era of innovation and digital transformation, human resources are the beating heart of every organization. In a constantly evolving world, it is crucial to invest in growth and development of skills to maintain a competitive advantage while differentiating oneself in the job market by attracting and retaining resources with unique skills, offering corporate growth paths.

Porini consultants have a recognized and consolidated experience, built over the years through hundreds of projects in Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Dynamics 360 and Collaboration on Microsoft platform. The high level of acquired expertise in the field, combined with a constant study and research have allowed the Porini team to achieve an excellent knowledge of technologies and market. For this reason, we can assist you in planning a personalized training path that can increase your knowledge and, therefore, the productivity of your team.

Porini relies on Digital Thinks, the DGS group company specialized in IT and managerial training, to train highly qualified professionals and prepared leaders.

D.Thinks, thanks to its internal know-how rich in technological skills applied to consulting projects on digital innovation issues through its training courses, is able to bring professionals from basic concepts to the most advanced technologies and features and to fill the skills gap with reskilling processes within companies, also supporting the training of new resources through the design and delivery of Campus for young people.

Every organization is unique, which is why the training offered is flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of your company, from reskilling and upskilling existing resources in the company to training new resources, guaranteeing a return on investment.


Digital Thinks



with Microsoft

Porini teachers have been engaged by Microsoft to provide free workshops and Hands-on Lab (HOL) at Microsoft House on different topics such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning, PowerBI.