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PIRC Lab as a Services is a brand new solution to make new users trust Azure product by a guided, fulfilling first-hand experience.

It was born to answer the need for a innovative, fast and yet effective self-training solutions for technical customers that have no yet an Azure subscription or with little  possibility to use a company subscription to train themself.

PIRC LaaS allows indeed customers to test Microsoft technologies quickly and easily through virtual environments. It is a fully deployed on-demand environment where applicants can access and independently carry out guided educational laboratories to test Microsoft solutions by their own.

The Labs average completion time is about 2 or 3 hours and it can be started at any time.

This is just the first step in the adoption of Microsoft Azure for your business.

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Porini Lab as a Service | 001

The aim of this lab is the construction of a Machine Learning algorithm to analyse a set of around 3000 technical papers and classify them with respect to their topic. The pre-processing of the data is executed via a Python code on Azure Notebooks to vectorize the text via word tokenisation and embedding. The pre-processed text is registered as an Azure Dataset and is then fed to Azure Automated ML. This feature will find the most suitable ML algorithm according to the accuracy of the model.

Porini Lab as a Service | 002

The aim of this lab is the construction of a Machine Learning algorithm to predict trail travel time by means of their topological characteristics. Azure Machine Learning Pipelines will be used to: pre-process the data, train a Machine Learning model and analyze the accuracy of the trained model. The algorithm will then be made accessible via an endpoint and such endpoint will be used to predict the travel time for all the trails contained in the dataset. The results can be then explored with a report on Microsoft PowerBI.

Porini Lab as a Service | 003

Explore IoT central by connecting it to the multitude of sensors within your smartphone. The phone will be data source connected to IoT central through a dedicated app and all the pipeline that allows to gather, and storage, sensor data will be explored within this lab; also, a dashboard for live data visualisation will be created within IoT Central on Azure. The last step of this lab will be the creation of a Power BI report to visualise the historical data collected during the lab.