Porini Innovation & Research center for Data Science (PIRC)

In the last few years Porini experiences success in several collaborations with Universities and Research Institutions, both in the framework of Funded research (under the FERS or the H2020 programme) and with point collaboration with professors and undergrads offering a place where students can develop thesis projects. Those successes built-in Porini a stronger company consciousness about the possibility offered by the fundamental research when a Tech-Transfer is advised in the process.

The willingness to make those efforts more and more effective brought us to this big announcement:

Porini announces the birth of the Porini Innovation & Research Centre for Data Science – PIRC.

The main goal of the PIRC is to facilitate the growth of Porini not only through constant training but also by means of Research & Innovation activities that will assure our customer with the most advanced solutions available on the market.

University and Research Institutions are the natural places where innovation and knowledge are produced. So far, Porini wants to build, within the PIRC, a place (located in the magnificent frame of ComoNext InnovationHUB in Lomazzo) where Accademia and Porini can meet and blend research on Data Science ad consultancy. This is the first step in a world where a day-by-day data-driven decision growth process is observed and new and more advanced tools are required to understand how to squeeze the most out of data.


 LIUC Business School

The Porini Innovation & Research Center for Data Science is proud to announce the agreement with the Healthcare Datascience Lab, a top-quality research centre in LIUC Business School. PIRC and HD LAB will cooperate with the ultimate goal of merging the latest results in the healthcare management procedure and operations research with the state of the art and most innovative data science technology solutions.
This agreement states the will of Porini and HD LAB to bind even more the research results to market applications that will help in an advance and more conscious management and decision-making process in public-private healthcare based on data-mine most of our hospitals and institutions produce. Following this agreement, part of the high-quality research performed by HD LAB will be carried out in alliance with PIRC by means of the latest Microsoft Azure Technology.

I belive that by pooling the skills of the two laboratories, even more so in a complex period like the one we are living, we will be able to respond effectively to the new needs of professionals and companies working in the health and social health context”. Emanuele Porazzi, HD LAB Healthcare Director, says.

The present agreement allow LIUC students that will take a thesis internship in healthcare system management – Master Degree in Engineering within the PIRC, in the amazing frame of ComoNEXT Innovation hub, were is Porini’s headquarter.

We believe that Microsoft technology, the Azure Cloud and its related data-science services, may be a game-changer in the data processing and analysis in the Healthcare field”. Franco Pigoli – Porini Education Manager – says.

University of Padova

The Porini Innovation & Research Centre for Data Science is proud to announce the agreement with the Physics department (Master in Physics of Data)  at University of Padova. In Padova the innovative and visionary Physics of data Master Degree combines the observed reality analytics and modelling skills of young physicist with the latest Cloud and HPC technologies training the next gen of data scientist.

Following this agreement, part of the high-quality research performed by undergrads for their courses, labs and thesis projects will be carried out in alliance with PIRC employing the latest Microsoft Azure Technology for AI and HPC in data science. This collaboration will benefit both from the ideas and skills from curiosity-driven research, and from the knowledge of cloud and market-driven applications that distinguishes Porini.

“The contamination of ideas is always a win-win situation. The possibility to use Azure Cloud to apply Physical models to market ideas is ravishing” Prof. Marco ZanettiDirector of the Physics of Data degree course at University of Padova – says.

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