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Businesses are experiencing an increase in both the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks. With rapid technology adoption and increased hybrid work, the risk is greater for small and medium-sized customers contending with budget constraints and gaps in specialized security skills.

Porini provides a center of excellence dedicated to Security to offer comprehensive solutions to address the evolving situation and based on the Microsoft Security Platform.

Our professionals are available to assess the security posture and perform remediation, implementing a strategy and framework capable of defending and responding to the attacks that have now become numerous for any target of companies.


The Zero Trust model

Security Awareness

Security Governance


Security Assessment

Consulting, Implementations, Monitoring


Zero Trust: a Security Framework

Zero Trust is a Framework for protecting a company, whether it is totally On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid.

The main concern today is about identities: managing and protecting them is the first step to a useful and effective approach. With the advent of smart working, devices are not always company-owned and therefore need to be managed and protected at different levels. Data protection policies need to be adopted and enterprise applications need to be governed. Infrastructure and Network need to be managed and protected consistently in IaaS, PaaS, On premise logic.