• Siapi has chosen Porini Analytics and Porini IoT to monitor its grinding wheels and to obtain predictive statistics on tool usage.

Siapi has chosen Porini Analytics to monitor its grinding wheels and obtain predictive statistics on tools usage.

Siapi is an Italian company, founded in 1929, leader in the diamond, rubber, resin and ceramic grinding wheels sector and offers a totally innovative grinding process method. Siapi provides to its customers an ever richer and more customized line of products, able to combine the most advanced technological innovations.

Siapi has chosen Porini Analytics and IoT platform in order to create a “dialogue” between the wheels and the machines on which are mounted thus obtaining the remote monitoring of the grinding wheels . This will make it possible to monitor the efficiency of the grinding wheels and ensure their high performance, detect anomalies, schedule maintenance and prevent rare but potentially devastating breakages.

This period of time for manufacturing company in europe are very hard, because we need to completely change the approach to selling technology and selling new ideas and new istruments to our coustomers in order to put them in condition to measure to improve their performance.
The idea is to put something into the tool so that we can monitoring and have a lot of information that actually we do not have and share that with the customer, the user and the company itself.
Microsoft and Porini have been a very good partners for us, because they have allowed us to trasform an idea in something that is really great, wich is the project we are running now.

Says Alessandro Gallo, General Manager Siapi.

Siapi now has the operating data of all its “Smart Grinding” wheels on a single console, and it is starting to use the predictive statistical algorithms of Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance.

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