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Damiani: Porini 365 CRM, the best expression of customer centric view

Damiani is an historic brand leader in the Italian market for production and sale of jewelry and high quality watches. Founded in 1924, the Maison Damiani is ambassador of Made in Italy all over the world as a synonym of the best traditional Italian jewelry.

Francesco Giovagnoni, Worldwide Marketing Communication and PR Director, says:

“The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is the best expression of our customer-centric view, guaranteed by the oversight of all touch-points with which to communicate with our consumers, who are now ‘always on’. The accessibility of Microsoft technology, combined with the strong will of the majority shareholder to make a significant ‘leap-frogging’ in a system of integrated CRM and offline and online seamless, are allowing us to create a pioneering and visionary project in our industry, the hard-luxury”.




Porini 365 CRM
Microsoft Azure

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