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Pomellato has started a project in collaboration with Porini, implementing Porini 365 CRM for the complete management of their customers

​​Pomellato is a jewellery​ company who was born in Milan in 1967 and introduced the concept of pret-à-porter jewellery. Today the Pomellato company is the fifth largest jewellery manufacturer in Europe, it has 600 employees, of which 100 goldsmiths, and over ​50 flagship stores split between brands Pomellato and Dodo – born in 1995 – in the world.

The rate of growth is evidenced by the highly selected single-brand distribution. The primary need of the company was to convey into a single database all the personal information of customers registered in the two websites related to the brands Pomellato and Dodo, together with those coming from the direct property boutiques.

The aim was to strengthen the relationship with customers, through initiatives of targeted and precise communication – automated sending of newsletters, activation of marketing or information campaigns – processed according to the type of customers and the needs identified from the analysis of purchases and preferences known.

Pomellato has started a project in collaboration with Porini, implementing Porini 365 CRM for the complete management of their customers. Today Pomellato is able to integrate the information in the company to increase the loyalty of its customers, creating a mutual and multi-channel exchange of information with consumers, including the use of after-sales activities and customer satisfaction analysis at regular intervals.

Internally, the rationalization of the interactions between staff in the management of client portfolio has resulted in a substantial savings in terms of time, reducing manual errors in favour of a significant increase in productivity.




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