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Gürteks has chosen Apparel & Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX, ERP solution to run Gürteks‘s global operations.

Como, Gaziantep. August, 2014

Porini is pleased to announce Gürteks has chosen Apparel & Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX, ERP solution to run Gürteks‘s global operations. The decision was taken mostly based on integrated nature of Dynamics AX, ease of use, ease to adopt and very important, industry fit for textile with the Porini solution.

Gürteks needed a new business application platform because, instead of having different ‘information islands’ for different departments and business units, they decided to have an integrated-complete solution to run their business, aiming financial consolidation at the end.

“We chose PORINI Apparel & Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX for many reasons: integration, completeness and very important the business knowledge reflected on the ERP with Porini integrated developments. We believe that it is almost impossible to have a successful ERP project without a good partner with the appropriate knowledge of the industry, this is why we decided to go with PA Turkey”

said Erdoğan AÇAY IT Manager of Gürteks.

About Gürteks
Gürteks Group is a leading yarn and carpet producer in Gaziantep-Turkey. Brand name for the carpet is FLORA HALI.
Gürteks also produce the yarn raw material of their carpet production.
Gürteks Group is one of the biggest yarn manufacturers of Turkey today in the textile sector that it entered in the year of 1970. It is found among apparent brand position in the world with the quality and service it provides to its clients by producing variety of yarns such as acrylic yarn, tricot yarn blend with acrylic, acrylic carpet yarn, fancy yarns, kotonel, dralon, PP carpet yarn, PBT yarn, nylon yarn, and polyester yarn with machinery that possesses the latest technology in 176.000 m² open area and 100.000 m² covered area facilities.




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