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Collect device data and analyse with simple and easy tools

and leverage on Microsoft Artificial Intelligence to infuse your process with AI.
Organizations can now create and deliver rich conversational support solutions across multiple channels and improve support team productivity thanks to intelligent customer-facing virtual assistants.


Porini offers a wide range of Analytics and IOT out-of-the-box solutions tailored for specific processes and verticals.

4 Operations

Demand Planning Forecasting & Replenishment powered by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Analytics 4Operations

PORINI ANALYTICS 4 OPERATIONS, a cloud based demand planning, forecasting and replenishment solution for a “Digital Supply Chain 4.0”.

Improve Forecast Accuracy:

  • Provide the ability to manage budgets and sales planning quickly and effectively basing on actual data

Reduce loss of revenue from out of stock situations:

  • Provide the foundation for a responsive sales and operation planning process that enables the current and emerging best practices in adaptive demand-driven planning

Supply chain inventory-holding cost reduction:

  • Drive whole supply chain with a common and timely vision, strengthening internal and external collaboration
  • New method to capture demand signal and its effect on supply chain
  • Use data with high availability: source can be ERP system, Excel spreadsheets, etc

Better resource planning and usage:

  • Provide a comprehensive sales and account planning environment, it allows to manage sales forecasting from a single screen
  • Support promotion and event intelligence

4 Financials

Analytics & Simulation for Financial Processes based on Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Power BI.

Tablet 4Financial

PORINI ANALYTICS 4 FINANCIALS, a complete SaaS solution to address integrated simulation processes for Financial Department and support a smart decisions.

  • Manage economic planning and simulation processes for financial services, in a top-down logic and for multiple business dimensions with workflow functionality, versioning management and historicization of scenarios
  • Facilitate interconnected action of different figures within the company: CEO, CFO, Business Unit Managers, Business Controller

PORINI ANALYTICS 4 FINANCIALS is a “Future-oriented” forecasting and simulation tool to understand and evaluate the implications related to certain strategic choices and certain market scenarios combining the fundamental characteristics of flexibility, completeness and simplicity of use.

4 Soccer

Sport Data Platform & Analytics for Football Management based on Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Power BI.

Analytics 4Soccer

PORINI ANALYTICS 4 SOCCER is a complete SaaS solution to address Analytics need in the Soccer industry. It allows the “management” of the players through the meticulous study of the data provided by the best platforms of Sports Data:

  • Analyze players performance
  • Integrate additional players information coming from internal company sources and social networks
  • Predict players value
  • Analyze team performance

  • Analyze the progress of each team in the league, both game by game and on a general leve
  • Identify problems and points of analysis
  • Analyzes and compare the growth trend of younger players compared to other players in the league by identifying similarities and potential
  • Adjust players based on performance, selecting the most significant of over 1500 KPIs to improve players’ purchases and replacements in case of injuries
  • Manage of business processes thaks to a profiled access and a notification system

Fashion and Retail

Analytics 4Fashion&Retail

Integrate the power of Microsoft Business Intelligence and Azure IoT features. Browse business data in a new unique way, not from the standard analytical way but with a predictive Platform.

Predictive Analytics and IoT:

  • Open architecture for extending analysis and data integration

CRM Dashboards:

  • Role based dashboard and search features
  • In line charts to filter customer base

BI Integration:

  • PowerBI analytics on CRM data
  • Excel Analysis
  • Custom BI integration for clustering and customer segmentation

Porini 4 Manufacturing

Porini Analytics

Industry 4.0 and Iot device data collection powered by Microsoft Azure Hub.

PORINI 4 MANUFACTURING, is a cloud based solution for a “Digital Industry 4.0” approach.

Collect data from device:

  • Azure iot hub provides an intelligent way to connect all your factory devices

Provide real time device data:

  • Data from devices are analyzed and updated real time to provide business analytics and statistics

Enables deep factory control:

  • Control whole factory and shoop floor devices
  • Predict maintenance and break downs
  • Monitor your process data to stream out new information

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