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Why choose Porini Education?

Porini consultants have a recognized and consolidated experience, built over the years through hundreds of projects in BI, Analytics, Machine Learning, IOT, BigData on Microsoft platform. The high level of expertise acquired in the field combined with constant study and research have allowed the Porini team to achieve a level of excellence in the knowledge of technologies and of the market. For this reason, we are able to assist you in planning a personalized training course that can increase the knowledge and therefore the productivity of your team. The training proposals are modular and are divided into three levels dedicated to the differences in needs and knowledge of participants:


For those who do not know the topics of the course. Highly experiential delivery mode through which, after an initial theoretical overview accompanied by demos, participants get to know each other through practical guided tours.


For those who already know and use the technologies of the course, but want to have a more complete and richer vision that leads to a conscious use based on a thorough knowledge of the subject.


For those who usually use the object of the course, but want to become a real “black belt” and for those who want to talk to our experts and want to deepen, without compromise, the internals of technology.

Porini Education

Experiential Methodology

The training courses alternate theory and practical moments and workshops during which participants can put into practice what they have learned by increasing their skills in experiential mode.
Participants will have at their disposal preconfigured virtual environments to practice, try and explore the topics of the course in a “protected” environment and guided by the teacher.
The alternation of theoretical moments and practical exercises ensures that the participants achive a conscious use of technology.

Experiential Methodology

Education Team

Porini’s education team is made up of professionals who contribute daily to develop solutions for customers, keeping abreast of technological and architectural developments. The consultants take on the role of trainers follow an internal certification process, training path at Microsoft.

The values of the Porini Education Team:

  • Competence: to know what you say, to have studied, realized and lived it
  • Excellence: committed to be the best
  • Study: study and deepen what you pass on to others
  • Sharing: the pleasure of sharing your knowledge without avarice
  • Communication: looking for the best ways to make the concepts you want to convey easy
Education Team

Training offer

Porini Training offer consists of more than 25 courses dedicated to the stack of Microsoft solutions addressed both ”on premise” and in Cloud on Microsoft Azure. All courses include, in addition to the theoretical part, demos and pratical exercises.

  • Data Platform
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Moving
  • Data Presentation
  • Data Science
  • Infrastructure
  • Language
Training offer

with Microsoft

Porini teachers have been engaged by Microsoft to provide free workshops and Hands-on Lab (HOL) at Microsoft House on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning, PowerBI.

Azure Databricks in a Day

Partnership with
Experis IT Academy

The partners of the Experis IT Academy represent excellence in the field of reference and provide the maximum possible contribution within all our training paths with course design, teaching, construction of workshops and laboratories.