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Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: Multi-Channel Loyalty Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales and engagements that go a long with it.

The current Fashion & Retail evolution increasingly favours the customer experience and the connection between the brand and the customer: social networks and mobility are key factors for successful businesses.
The business agility and the increasing availability of real-time information resulting from multiple business systems are a prerequisite for rapid decision-making based on reliable data.

PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail is the solution developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform dedicated to industries that want to manage retail and customer loyalty activities and their own network of stores by integrating all business data without impacting legacy information systems.

The suite covers marketing and communication processes with your customers, cards management and loyalty programs,status management and all aspects of campaigns and promotions management, including an advanced data analytics tool with clustering and segmentation models.

The solution enables to manage:
• Client data and Loyalty cards
• List of purchases made by a single client, with graphic navigation in the product  catalog
• Client profiling according to purchase preferences and creation of marketing lists to support direct marketing activities
• Fashion Data Modelling
• Interactive Reporting & Dash-boarding
• KPI Integrated System
• Integration with all major Social Networks and Sentiment Analysis tools integrated with the CRM system
• Integration with Web Sites to trace clients’ behaviour and preferences
• Advanced Clustering tools

This solution can be used both by headquarters key users and by store managers and sales persons also with tablets, mobile and wireless devices. PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail improves customer loyalty, increases repetitive sales and enables intelligent selling techniques.

For more info visit the Porini 365 CRM product page

porini 365

Discover Porini 365, our new suite of products.

Digital transformation reinvents the way to approach your daily business and all your processes.

Technology is leading the change offering new paradigms to approach problems and simplify operations and deployments leveraging on the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the state of the art solution provided by Microsoft to approach customer needs with incredible Business Apps completely integrated in a common data model enabling easy integration and great interoperability of the single apps.

Following the new strategy of our vendor Microsoft, we redesigned all out products in a cloud native suite: Porini 365.

The new products suite is coming from 2 years’ work of our labs and it is conceived to work in a more scalable and powerful way.

PORINI 365 ERP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a vertical solution designed for the fashion, retail, footwear and textile sector, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, the cutting edge of innovation for the business of your company.

Porini 365 CRM is s solution dedicated to industries aiming to manage customer loyalty activities and their stores by integrating all relevant touchpoints. Leverage on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to increase customer loyalty and retention, with dedicated in store promotions, multi-channel integration and Customer KPI’s to deliver them the best available customer experience through all your channels.

Porini 365 APPS are innovative solutions designed to manage specific customer needs and connected natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Based on Microsoft Azure Technology, they benefit of all the advantages of the cloud, and allow at the same time a simple and easy deployment on all devices (smartphone, tablets, desktops, etc).

Porini Analytics are a suite of modern products combining abilities of modeling data and process the necessary technological skills (Reporting, Dash boarding, Data Mining, Predictive Models and Optimization) to deliver the right experience to executive levels in the company management.

Discover the new potential of our Products Suite.

For more info contact us: info@porini.it

SEND – Surprise Engage Nurture Digitally

ico-engJune 27 2017 –  Teatro Franco Parenti
Via Pier Lombardo 14, Milano

Porini takes part at SEND – Surprise Engage Nurture Digitally, the Open Summit organized by Contactlab and devoted to customer engagement. The agenda includes case studies, products demo and many workshops.

SEND will take place on the 27th of June at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan; the agenda covers two tracks: the Business Track and the Tech Track.

Visit out stand and meet our specialist to discover our CRM Solutions for Fashion & Retail.


27 giugno 2017 –  Teatro Franco Parenti
Via Pier Lombardo 14, Milano

Porini partecipa a SEND – Surprise Engage Nurture Digitally, l’Open summit di Contactlab interamente dedicato al customer engagement. Verranno proposti case study, demo di prodotti e workshop.
Quest’anno SEND si terrà il 27 giugno a Milano, presso il Teatro Franco Parenti, uno spazio culturale molto affascinante; l’agenda dell’evento copre due track:

  • Business Track: i progetti di successo che utilizzano l’Engagement Marketing, raccontati insieme ai clienti di Contactlab.
  • Tech Track: i prodotti di Contactlab visti da vicino, con il loro ecosistema.

Sono inoltre previsti diversi momenti di networking, dal pranzo all’aperitivo nell’esclusiva location dei Bagni Misteriosi.

Vieni a trovarci allo stand Porini per scoprire le nostre soluzioni CRM per il Fashion e il Retail.

Partecipazione gratuita ma posti limitati:


Business and markets are becoming digital, but organizations are finding it hard to keep up. The social and digital transformation path can drive you to build the XXI century organization, less bureaucratic and more resilient. This path, however, is proving to be complex and full of pitfalls.

On July 7th and 8th ​attend to the 8th edition of Social Business Forum, the leading event in Europe about technology inn​ovation in the social network world.

Among the international guests, we point Francesco Giovagnoni, World – Wide Marketing Communications and PR Director of Damiani International Spa: he tells about the importance of the ‘Customer Centric Strategy‘ implemented in recent years by the Damiani Group and supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NTTsight, Porini Group ​member firm specialised in Microsoft Technologies for digital consulting and digital marketing.

The partnership will rely mainly on the new Porini suite, based on Microsoft AX and CRM solutions, addressed to fashion and retail companies.

Porini Group is a Microsoft Certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor) active since 1968, which distributes worldwide integrated and international IT solutions for Textile, Fashion and Retail industries, based on Microsoft Dynamics and Azure. With offices in Italy, USA, Portugal and Asia, works in more than 20 countries worldwide through a network of qualified partners offering the full and integrated suite of products, on-premise and/or cloud, supporting the enterprise management systems.

The Porini suite is made of:

• Apparel&Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX
• Social CRM for Fashion, Luxury & Retail
• COCAI Retail Azure POS

Microsoft Convergence is the place where leaders gather to explore, share and experience business solutions. See new innovations, get insights and fresh perspectives, connect with experts and peers, and think about business in new ways. You’ll walk away feeling energized and confident about where your business is headed.

SAVE THE DATE! March 16th – 19th: the Porini team will be at Microsoft Convergence 2015, in Atlanta, showing their solutions at our USA partner’s booth (PA-Group USA) #1415.

​Together with Porini’s partner with the larger number of installations, we will present the entire suite of products: Apparel&Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Analytics & Social CRM for Fashion & Retail and Cocai retail Azure POS.​

Porini Srl and Gruppo Partners Associates sign a global worldwide partnership agreement concerning the distribution of Porini software solutions.

The two companies cooperate since years for what concerns the Microsoft Dynamics AX based vertical solution for fashion and textile, where Gruppo Partners Associates is the partner with the biggest number of installations.

Starting from today the offering is enriched with the new suite of Porini products based on Microsoft Azure:

  • Social CRM for Fashion&Retail – vertical solution on Microsoft Dynamics CRM dedicated to companies in mode and retail, with an integrated BI module
  • COCAI Retail Azure POS – modern and flexible POS system available in SaaS (Software as a Service)

“We are very happy about this agreement, being it the natural evolution of a fruitful and strategic cooperation for our group, which has led to sign 10 AX contract in the last 20 months, in an increasingly competitive and challenging market”, states Ennio Baracetti, President of Gruppo Partners Associates.

Lorenzo Sala, President of Porini Group, says, “We consider Gruppo Partners Associates a strategic partner both for the quality of services released and the results achieved in the last years and we are quite happy of their trust in our new suite of products. We believe that the enhanced cooperation will be beneficial to both groups”.

​Convergence is the place where the Microsoft business community comes together to share breakthrough moments. It’s the chance to learn new things about Microsoft business solutions, get answers to tough questions, connect with other users, and find new ways to stay ahead of the competition. It’s where true business value is delivered.

You’ll hear the latest strategies and product announcements specifically around:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

This year Porini will welcome Partners and Customers in Barcelona, Spain, from 4th to 6th of November,​ at booth #78 at Microsoft Experience Center.

The Porini team will present the new range of products, already announced and of​ficially presented on November the 3rd to the Porini Partner network. Demos environment and presentations of all solutions will be available.​

Porini announces the availability of a new suite of products. This suite extends and complements the already huge set of specific business functionalities provided by Apparel&Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX (the long established vertical solution Porini sales through a network of highly qualified partners and system integrators).

This new fully integrated suite covers the area of retail (Cocai Retail ​Azure POS), CRM (Analytics and Social CRM for Fashion and Retail) and BI (pre-predefined data cubes based on fully standard Microsoft technologies and components).

The flexible and modular combination of these products, available on premise and in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), offered by a single ISV vendor and through a partner network is a brand new paradigm in the software arena.

The new suite will be officially presented during the International Partner Meeting in Barcelona, November the 3rd.

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