Porini 365: simply, connected and cloud native.

porini 365

Discover Porini 365, our new suite of products.

Digital transformation reinvents the way to approach your daily business and all your processes.

Technology is leading the change offering new paradigms to approach problems and simplify operations and deployments leveraging on the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the state of the art solution provided by Microsoft to approach customer needs with incredible Business Apps completely integrated in a common data model enabling easy integration and great interoperability of the single apps.

Following the new strategy of our vendor Microsoft, we redesigned all out products in a cloud native suite: Porini 365.

The new products suite is coming from 2 years’ work of our labs and it is conceived to work in a more scalable and powerful way.

PORINI 365 ERP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a vertical solution designed for the fashion, retail, footwear and textile sector, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, the cutting edge of innovation for the business of your company.

Porini 365 CRM is s solution dedicated to industries aiming to manage customer loyalty activities and their stores by integrating all relevant touchpoints. Leverage on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to increase customer loyalty and retention, with dedicated in store promotions, multi-channel integration and Customer KPI’s to deliver them the best available customer experience through all your channels.

Porini 365 APPS are innovative solutions designed to manage specific customer needs and connected natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Based on Microsoft Azure Technology, they benefit of all the advantages of the cloud, and allow at the same time a simple and easy deployment on all devices (smartphone, tablets, desktops, etc).

Porini Analytics are a suite of modern products combining abilities of modeling data and process the necessary technological skills (Reporting, Dash boarding, Data Mining, Predictive Models and Optimization) to deliver the right experience to executive levels in the company management.

Discover the new potential of our Products Suite.

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