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ico-engMicrosoft House
Viale Pasubio 21 –  Milan

Porini with Microsoft is pleased to invite you to the Microsoft Discover: Manufacturing Workshop on January the 22th from 9:30 a.m. at Microsoft House in Milan.

Why participate?

  • You will discover new ideas and success stories about how modern field support organizations use technology to drive growth.
  • You will learn about opportunities to improve service performance, deliver customer-optimized experiences, and drive innovation in your business model.
  • You will practice with the latest Microsoft portfolio innovations, including Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Remote Assist

ico-itaMicrosoft House
Viale Pasubio 21 – Milano

Porini con Microsoft è lieta di invitarti alla sessione Microsoft Discover: Manufacturing Workshop che si terrà il giorno 22 Gennaio dalle ore 09:30 presso la Microsoft House a Milano.

Sfruttando la potenza del Cloud e dell’IoT, Connected Field Service consente alle aziende di sbloccare nuovi modelli di servizio, come la manutenzione predittiva, fornire informazioni sullo stato di salute dei prodotti attraverso il monitoraggio remoto e fornire ai team di assistenza sul campo le conoscenze e gli strumenti necessari per fornire ai clienti un’esperienza di servizio end-to-end senza soluzione di continuità.

Perchè partecipare?

  • Scoprirai nuove idee e storie di successo su come le moderne organizzazioni di assistenza sul campo utilizzano la tecnologia per guidare la crescita.
  • Conoscerai le opportunità di migliorare le prestazioni dei servizi, offrire esperienze ottimizzate per i clienti e guidare l’innovazione del vostro modello di business.
  • Farai esperienza pratica con le ultime innovazioni del portafoglio Microsoft, tra cui Dynamics 365 per Field Service e Remote Assist

PORINI has achieved the prestigious 2018/2019 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics. This is the second times that PORINI has achieved this status.

Microsoft has elected Porini as member to the 2018/2019 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics.

PORINI has achieved the prestigious 2018/2019 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics. Our outstanding performance (top 1% performer worldwide among all the Dynamics partners) has placed us in an elite group of most strategic Microsoft Dynamics partners from across the globe. These partners are recognized for their exceptional overall company performance in delivering valuable solutions to Microsoft Dynamics customers.

Top 1 percent of all suppliers

The criteria to become part of the circle of the world’s most important Microsoft Dynamics partners are strict: in addition to a proof of expertise regarding standard products and modern digital platform technologies as well as above-average economic performance and stability, the focus is set on customers. Only the companies that get top grades for practical application are candidates to the Inner Circle. PORINI fulfills requirements and, as a result, officially belongs to the one percent of Microsoft’s strategically most important partners.

This recognition of Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics came during Microsoft Inspire, the annual premier partner event, which took place July 15-19, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. Microsoft Inspire provides the Microsoft partner community with the opportunity to learn about the company’s roadmap for the upcoming year, establish connections, share best practices, experience the latest product innovations and learn new skills.

I want to thank PORINI for its deep commitment and devotion to customers, as well as its commitment to business excellence.

said Cecilia Flombaum, Microsoft One Commercial Partner Business Applications Lead.



Porini at Microsoft Inspire 2018

Microsoft Inspire 2018 Las Vegas, July 15/19

3 days of great inspirational things where thousands of partners came to Las Vegas to share the vision of Microsoft for the new fiscal year which is just started and it is announced as one of the most promising and innovative of all the times.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage at the Microsoft Inspire 2018 partner conference to an extended round of applause, before he’d even said a word.

The past year saw Microsoft prioritise the aligning of its sales teams with the needs of partners, with the result being a surge in growth. Executives shared estimates that partners generated nearly US$1 trillion in revenue over the past 12 months through working with Microsoft solutions.

But that’s just the start!

Nadella said during his Inspire keynote.

As we look forward, the opportunity for us to serve our customers in this new era of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge is far Greater

he told the 16,000 partners gathered at the conference in Las Vegas

I’ve lived through the client-server, the web, mobile, cloud. But what we’re going to see going forward is going to be even more profound.

What follows are five key topics discussed by Nadella during his keynote at Microsoft Inspire 2018.

Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge

Future of Microsoft is to grow with the partners in the new era of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge. Infusing everything with AI and leveraging on a powerful cloud computing platform such as azure


Microsoft’s vision for this sort of computing fabric starts with the Azure cloud platform, which now has 54 data center regions (and recently expanded to its first underwater data center).

We are very, very excited about questioning the conventional wisdom of what is a data center,

said Nadella.

Of course, computing needs will go far beyond the data center. Essentially, wherever there is data, compute will migrate to data. And so we are going and taking Azure to Azure Stack, to Azure IoT Edge, to Azure Sphere. This is that one ubiquitous, distributed computing fabric. One programming model that is event-driven, serverless, so you can write an application that truly works across all of this.

Artificial Intelligence

During his Inspire keynote, Nadella placed a special focus on artificial intelligence technologies. Recent advances in AI have been “pretty stunning” in terms of how they’re reaching parity with human perception and language capabilities, he said. However,

it’s not about celebrating these breakthroughs for Microsoft Research. Our collective objective is to take these breakthroughs and democratize them, with the tooling we create, and with the expertise and the skill set and the services that you provide,

Nadella told partners.

Microsoft 365

Nadella dedicated a portion of his keynote to demonstrating the way his own workday revolves around the Microsoft 365 suite, which includes Office 365 productivity apps and Windows 10. Along with using Outlook.

For partners, Microsoft 365 is a way to help customers transition into a paradigm of “people-centered experiences” rather than device-centered experiences, Nadella said.

Business Applications

Dynamics 365 — Microsoft’s combination cloud CRM and ERP system — saw 65 percent growth during the first three quarters of the company’s fiscal 2018. That makes it one of Microsoft’s fastest-growing businesses, even faster than Office 365. Microsoft executives announced a number of new ways they’re working to assist partners with getting involved with Dynamics 365, as well as with other business applications such as Power BI data visualization. During his Inspire keynote, Nadella said that Power BI is “one tool that’s changed the culture inside the company,” thanks to the way that it helps bring the focus to leading indicators rather than lagging indicators.

When you think about business process in particular, the one thing that is going to be true is more things are going to be digitized. As we see the power of IoT and other tools that are going to be used, every workflow is going to be automated,

Nadella said.

That means we need to have a set of tools that allow us to reduce the total cost of these customizations and automation. And now we’ve built a complete new app Platform — Power BI, PowerApps and Flow –, which I think represents a tremendous opportunity for everyone in the room. The combination of it is just going to change how applications are built and deployed.

Relive the most interesting moments of  Microsoft Inspire 2018.

See you next year in Las Vegas for Microsoft Inspire 19.


Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: Multi-Channel Loyalty Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales and engagements that go a long with it.

The current Fashion & Retail evolution increasingly favours the customer experience and the connection between the brand and the customer: social networks and mobility are key factors for successful businesses.
The business agility and the increasing availability of real-time information resulting from multiple business systems are a prerequisite for rapid decision-making based on reliable data.

PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail is the solution developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform dedicated to industries that want to manage retail and customer loyalty activities and their own network of stores by integrating all business data without impacting legacy information systems.

The suite covers marketing and communication processes with your customers, cards management and loyalty programs,status management and all aspects of campaigns and promotions management, including an advanced data analytics tool with clustering and segmentation models.

The solution enables to manage:
• Client data and Loyalty cards
• List of purchases made by a single client, with graphic navigation in the product  catalog
• Client profiling according to purchase preferences and creation of marketing lists to support direct marketing activities
• Fashion Data Modelling
• Interactive Reporting & Dash-boarding
• KPI Integrated System
• Integration with all major Social Networks and Sentiment Analysis tools integrated with the CRM system
• Integration with Web Sites to trace clients’ behaviour and preferences
• Advanced Clustering tools

This solution can be used both by headquarters key users and by store managers and sales persons also with tablets, mobile and wireless devices. PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail improves customer loyalty, increases repetitive sales and enables intelligent selling techniques.

For more info visit the Porini 365 CRM product page

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