Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: let your customers share their experience with You

Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: Multi-Channel Loyalty Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales and engagements that go a long with it.

The current Fashion & Retail evolution increasingly favours the customer experience and the connection between the brand and the customer: social networks and mobility are key factors for successful businesses.
The business agility and the increasing availability of real-time information resulting from multiple business systems are a prerequisite for rapid decision-making based on reliable data.

PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail is the solution developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform dedicated to industries that want to manage retail and customer loyalty activities and their own network of stores by integrating all business data without impacting legacy information systems.

The suite covers marketing and communication processes with your customers, cards management and loyalty programs,status management and all aspects of campaigns and promotions management, including an advanced data analytics tool with clustering and segmentation models.

The solution enables to manage:
• Client data and Loyalty cards
• List of purchases made by a single client, with graphic navigation in the product  catalog
• Client profiling according to purchase preferences and creation of marketing lists to support direct marketing activities
• Fashion Data Modelling
• Interactive Reporting & Dash-boarding
• KPI Integrated System
• Integration with all major Social Networks and Sentiment Analysis tools integrated with the CRM system
• Integration with Web Sites to trace clients’ behaviour and preferences
• Advanced Clustering tools

This solution can be used both by headquarters key users and by store managers and sales persons also with tablets, mobile and wireless devices. PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail improves customer loyalty, increases repetitive sales and enables intelligent selling techniques.

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