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Porini and Technology Excellence, a qualified Pakistani Microsoft Dynamics Partner, announce a distributorship agreement for the Pakistan market

Milano, June 30th

Porini, a globally distributed Microsoft ISV specialized in the textile, apparel and retail industries, proudly announces to have signed a distributorship agreement with Technology Excellence, a Lahore (Pakistan) based Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

The agreement will allow Technology Excellence to market and implement Porini 365 ERP, the Porini solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the promising Pakistan market, where textile and garment manufacturing represent one of the largest contribution to Pakistan GDP and even more with respect to exports. Technology Excellence is already actively selling Microsoft solutions (ERP and CRM) in the local market plus has a deep knowledge of the local textile and garment market where they sell various solutions besides Microsoft Dynamics. The agreement will cover also Bangladesh.

“We have done an extensive worldwide market research among the best ISV solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that fit the potential of the Pakistan manufacturing sector and based on our industry knowledge and experience we have found out that the Porini vertical solution perfectly matches with textile and garment manufacturing needs and can be one of the strongest contributors to our country’s exports. This in fact, together with Porini’s long established history and reputation, have convinced us to pursue this alliance, the success of which is going to be our focus for the next coming years.”

says Shoaib Hamid, Executive Vice President of Technology Excellence.

“Pakistan is a market that we have always followed and we are very interested on. it is certainly a very important textile and garment production hub and this makes it the ideal candidate to implement our solution. We trust this cooperation with Technology Excellence will bring us strong benefits in a relatively short period of time, and will also allow us to quickly expand to Bangladesh and in the near future to other countries in the region.”

says Fernando Pereira, General Manager of Porini International.

Based in Lahore, Technology Excellence is a qualified and important Microsoft Dynamics Partner. They provide implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP and CRM) in addition to several additional solutions for Enterprise mobility (web developments, APPS).

For more information: www.txellence.com 

Porini and 3li Solutions announce to have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution, into the French market of Porini 365 ERP

Porini and 3LI Solutions join forces to provide software solutions based on Microsoft D365 for Operations to the French fashion and retail market

02/04/2018. Milano, Paris.

Porini and 3li Solutions (Groupe Calliope) announce to have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution, into the French market, of Porini 365 ERP, the vertical solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Thanks to this agreement 3li Solutions will sell and implement in France the solution catered for textile, fashion and retail companies.

France is still a large market for fashion and retail and currently most brands and companies are facing the challenge of the digital transformation and the rapid changes and evolutions of the way to do business. Microsoft is offering a unique integrated platform (Dynamics 365) to facilitate the adoption of modern and efficient technologies, also cloud based, for helping companies to gain effectiveness and management accuracy, always in a user-friendly mode. Porini with its industry specific solution and 3li with its territory coverage, its reputation and know-how in the specific sector, will bring to the market a unique and unbeatable set of benefits, proven by the number of successful projects the 2 companies have in their “palmarès”.

“This partnership makes 3li extremely motivated and enthusiastic about the opportunities we already see in the market. We believe that the success that Porini has got internationally can now be expressed also in the French market and we are happy to be the driver and the key player for this.”

says Thierry Cavaille, CEO of 3li.

“We are quite excited for the start of this partnership with 3li Solutions. We know them since long time and we highly respect their reputation and visibility in the fashion and retail market in France. We strongly believe that our solution will perfectly fit with the skills and the positioning of 3li in the market, bringing to both companies new and interesting business opportunities”

says Giuseppe Ghisoni, International Partner Manager at Porini.

With HQ in Paris and seven more offices all around France, 3li is one of the biggest Microsoft partner in France and certainly the most introduced in the fashion and retail market. Their range of solutions includes software and service on the entire Microsoft Dynamics range of products.

For more information visit our new partner site


01/03/2018 | Milan – Tunis

Porini is happy to announce the signature of a partnership agreement with Isatech Africa, subsidiary of the well-known French company Isatech France and the largest Tunisian Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

In force of this agreement Isatech Africa will sell and implement the Porini vertical solution for textile and apparel companies in Northern Africa French speaking countries. The agreement has already lead to win the first customer in Tunisia (a large apparel manufacturer company). Tunisia is known for having a large and consolidated number of textile and garment manufacturing companies and named for being a sourcing base for the entire apparel business in Europe, based in the Mediterranean Sea.

“We have started to know Porini in the earliest days of the launch of Porini vertical solution 10 years ago, and we have followed since then their progressive diffusion within the textile and apparel markets all around the world. While the Tunisian apparel manufacturing market is becoming more and more mature and with its considerable size, we have realized that the Porini vertical is a perfect fit and brings many new business opportunities, having many references and customers of all sizes that can testimony the power, the value and the achievable benefits of the solution.”

says Jalel Besbes, General Manager of Isatech Africa.

“Despite Tunisia being a relative small country, yet the number of textile and garment manufacturing companies of medium to large size is remarkable. This fact, together with its proximity in the Mediterranean Sea, the cultural affinity and long -lasting business cooperation with Italy and France, contributes to make Tunisia a great potential market for Porini solutions”

says Giuseppe Ghisoni, International Partner Manager at Porini.

Based in Tunis, Isatech Africa is a subsidiary of Isatech Group, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics Partners in France. Isatech Africa is fully dedicated to Dynamics ERP and covers the entire North Africa territory.

For more information: www.deltagroup.com.tn