PORINI IoT 4 Manufacturing is now available on Microsoft Appsource

Porini IoT 4 Manufacturing


PORINI IoT 4 Manufacturing: discover the new solution based on Microsoft Azure cloud services. 


We are proud to announce that PORINI IoT 4 Manufacturing is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

PORINI Iot 4 Manufacturing leverages the potential of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to enable demand planning, automatic replenishment and predictive maintenance functions. It also offers IoT consulting, fast start Proof of concept using Microsoft IoT Central and Microsoft Azure services, and a full implementation of the needed enviroment both for products and/or plant operations.

The Suite is designed to help companies to reduce time to market, increase customer loyalty, optimize operations, reduce costs, improve quality and therefore to accelerate the IoT adoption to make the most of Digital Transformation Era. We target CIO, Production and R&D mainly in manufacturing industry especially in machinery and discrete manufacturing.

Visit Porini Iot 4 Manufacturing page on Appsource


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