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Porini and H ONE partnership


PORINI will spread its solutions in Asian area thanks to the partnership with H One.


Porini and H ONE announce to have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution, in the South Asia Region, of Porini’s vertical solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and other Porini solutions.

As part of this agreement H ONE not only will sell and implement in the region the Porini solutions addressing textile, apparel and retail companies, but will also establish a Porini competence center to support partners and customers in the region by using skilled functional consultants and developers with an already built in knowledge of the industry processes.

This will accelerate and sustain the market penetration of Porini in the region; providing expert and skilled resources locally for facilitating implementation projects handled also by other Partners.

Sri Lanka itself is a well-known market for textile and garment manufacturing, with several medium and large size companies which are facing the challenge of the digital transformation and the request from their customers to work and connect with them in a new, more transparent, digitalized way.

Microsoft is offering a unique integrated platform (D365) to facilitate the adoption of modern and efficient technologies, all cloud based, for helping companies to gain effectiveness and management accuracy, always in a user-friendly mode. Porini with its industry specific solution and H ONE with its reputation, credibility and its regional presence and know-how in the specific sector, will bring to the market a unique and unbeatable set of solutions.


“This partnership makes H ONE extremely motivated and enthusiastic about the opportunities we already see in the market. We have cooperated with Porini in the past and we are now ready to follow Microsoft and Porini in the new cloud path with D365. We have been able to experiment “on the field” the solidity and competitiveness of the Porini vertical solution for D365 FO and we are convinced that it can bring to textile & apparel manufacturing companies a fantastic drive toward modernization and a better company business management. The ERP solution, complemented by Porini unbeatable consultancy expertise in the sector and completed by H ONE complementary solutions in shop-floor quality and production control, has the plan to become the point of reference for the industry in the region”, says Samath Fernando, CEO of H ONE .

“We know H ONE since long and we have followed their growth and path within the Microsoft ecosystem. We strongly believe that their business know-how and their technical capabilities will be the driver for a fast and steady growth of Microsoft and Porini in the region in this particular sector.”, says Giuseppe Ghisoni, International Partner Manager at Porini.


H ONE is a leading enterprise IT solution provider that has earned a reputation for empowering clients across industries with the most innovative tech solutions. H One offers its advisory services to over 150 organizations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam. The firm is a Microsoft Tier One Partner, Gold Cloud Productivity Partner and a top-ranked Microsoft Large Account Reseller serving the largest number of Enterprise Agreement customers in Sri Lanka. H ONE has a unique and encompassed background in the garment industry which they know and master in a very detailed and deep way.

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Porini wins Microsoft Inspire

During the Microsoft Inspire Italian Partners Ceremony at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, PORINI received the “Digital Transformation – Optimize your Operations” Gold Award and the “Digital Transformation – Transform your Products” Silver Award

We are proud to announce that PORINI wins the “Transform your operations” Gold Award with the Sapio case study and the “Transform you products” Silver Award presenting the Technoalpin case study at Microsoft Inspire 2019 in Las Vegas.

The SAPIO project focused on the creation of an intelligent digital platform, oriented to give to its customers the possibility to interact with the company in a revolutionary way.

Technoalpin choose Porini solutions’ to control its snow guns all around the world making the most of Artificial Intelligence, Iot and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Tommaso Pozzi, CEO of Porini; Vincenzo Esposito, Enterprise Director at Microsoft Italia; Giuseppe Ghisoni, International Partner Manager at Porini;  Angelo Bilardo, Partner Business Manager at Microsoft, Fabio Santini, Executive Director Partner Channel & Small, Medium, Corporate Markets at Microsoft; Fernando Pereira, General International Manager at Porini; Massimiliano Ortalli, Director Sales Specialist at Microsoft.

Congratulations to all PORINI’S team: A great team for a great success !


Porini Iot 4 Financials Microsoft Appsource


PORINI Analytics 4 Financials: discover the new solution based on Microsoft Office, Azure and Power BI.


We are proud to announce that PORINI Analytics 4 Financials is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

PORINI Analytics 4 Financials is a future-oriented forecasting and simulation tools to simulate and anticipate “what if” processes and to make right decisions in a world in constant change. It allows to support planning, economic, balance sheet and financial simulation process integrated in a top-down and dimensional model and line credit optimization to cover net financial position.

The Suite is designed to facilitate interconnected actions of different figures within the company: CEO, CFO, Business Unit Managers and Business Controller. Profiled access and notification system allows the management of business processes. A complete and flexible Analytics module integrates the platform to supply all the functionalities needed by the financial department to monitor main KPI’s both for the past and the future periods.

Visit Porini Analytics 4 Financials page on Appsource


Porini IoT 4 Manufacturing


PORINI IoT 4 Manufacturing: discover the new solution based on Microsoft Azure cloud services. 


We are proud to announce that PORINI IoT 4 Manufacturing is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

PORINI Iot 4 Manufacturing leverages the potential of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to enable demand planning, automatic replenishment and predictive maintenance functions. It also offers IoT consulting, fast start Proof of concept using Microsoft IoT Central and Microsoft Azure services, and a full implementation of the needed enviroment both for products and/or plant operations.

The Suite is designed to help companies to reduce time to market, increase customer loyalty, optimize operations, reduce costs, improve quality and therefore to accelerate the IoT adoption to make the most of Digital Transformation Era. We target CIO, Production and R&D mainly in manufacturing industry especially in machinery and discrete manufacturing.

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Porini Analytics 4 Operations


PORINI Analytics 4 Operations: discover the new solution based on a self learning algorithmic system.


We are proud to announce that Porini Analytics 4 Operations is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

PORINI Analytics 4 Operations is a cloud based solution for demand planning, forecasting and replenishment processes based on a self learning algorithmic system that can be simply integrate in any customer context.

The suite is designed to improve forecast accuracy, to reduce supply chain holding costs and loss of revenue from out of stock and to better resource planning and usage. It also allows automated selection of the algorithm forecasting and automatic management of outliers.

Visit Porini  Analytics 4 Opeations page on Appsource


Porini HR 365


PORINI HR 365: discover the new solution based on Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Power BI.


We are proud to announce that PORINI HR 365 is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

PORINI HR 365, is a complete SaaS solution, based on Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Power BI to support companies addressing HR management processes like recruitment, HR suppliers approvation flow, employee management, and employee growth.

The Suite is designed to supply all the functionalities needed by an HR department but also for Business Controlling functions and it facilitates interconnected actions of different figures within the company: CEO, Delivery Manager, Business Unit Manager, HR Manager, IT Department.

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