Porini Technologies announces the release of Cocai Central

Based on Microsoft Azure technology, Cocai Central is an independent module of Porini suite for Fashion and Retail enabling integration of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM with Retail app Cocai Azure POS or others 3rd parties POS Systems, through preconfigured connectors.

Cocai Central is a specialized Integration Cloud Service Layer, accessible from browser, smartphones and tablets, extending the capabilities of Retail and CRM platforms with multichannel features, enabling integration with other systems like e-commerce solutions.
The application exposes advanced services like fidelity calculations (points, status…), gift cards and vouchers so that every app connected can use the same logic through simple REST web services calls. The whole database can be exposed as a service for an easy integration with any kind of app (web, mobile…), even custom ones​.
Cocai Central solution also acts as a data collector between the different applications of the Porini suite and as a platform for analysis and reporting, made available through Microsoft PowerBI.​