Porini consultants have a recognised and consolidated experience, built over the years through hundreds of projects in Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Dynamics 360 and Collaboration on Microsoft platform. The high level of acquired expertise in the field, combined with a constant study and research have allowed the Porini team to achieve an excellent knowledge of technologies and market. For this reason, we can assist you in planning a personalised training path that can increase your knowledge and, therefore, the productivity of your team.


Training hours







The learning Path

The aim of Porini’s Learning Path is to bring the professionals from the basic concepts to the most advanced technologies and functionalities of the solutions proposed in the consultancy activity. The leitmotiv is to focus on training-by-role more than on a pure knowledge-driven trining.
Find out more about our learning paths topics which are divided into three levels ( Beginner, Intermediate and Advances).

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For those users who have no knowledge of the course’s topics. The course delivery model is highly experiential. After an initial theoretical overview accompanied by demos, participants will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical skills acquiredduring practical laboratories.


For those who already know and use the technologies of the course, but want to have a more complete and richer vision that leads to a conscious use based on a thorough knowledge of the subject.


For those users who are able to use the programs and the technologies treated during the course but want to become a real “black belt” and for those who wish to confront our experts and want to deepen technology.

Porini Education

Education Team

Porini Education Team is made up of professionals who daily contribute to developing solutions for customers, keeping them up to date with technological developments. Consultants access the role of trainers after internal training and a training path at Microsoft.
Moreover, the consultants most involved in teaching activity also earned the status of Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT).


Excellent knowledge of the topics, continuos training certified by third-parties certification.


We are committed to being the best in the business.



To study and to deepen what we teach, being the first who applies the learn by doing approach.


The pleasure to share our competences inside or outside Porini since no knowledge is such unless it is shared.


To look for the best ways to convey to our students the concepts in the easiest way.

Training offer

The Porini Education team has built a range of Learning Path dedicated to the stack of Microsoft solutions addressed both ”on premise” and in Cloud on Microsoft Azure.
The training proposals are modular and are divided into three levels dedicated to the differences in needs and knowledge of participants.

Contact us to plan a personalised training path that can increase your knowledge and, therefore, the productivity of your team.

  • PowerBI
  • Power Platform
  • Hybrid Working & Microsoft Teams
  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Azure IoT
  • Data Journalism
  • D365 CRM and Marketing
  • D365 Finance
  • Dynamics 365 Trade and Logistic
  • D365 Developer
  • SQL Developer
  • SQL Administrator
  • Python Language
  • R Language
  • PowerShell Language

Experiential Methodology

Training courses alternate theory with practical moments and workshops, during which participants can apply what they have learned to increase their skills, following the learn by doing Porini approach. Attendees can benefit from a pre-configured virtual environment, the training material, as well as the exercises proposed in the course as a reference.

Course Calendar

Porini Education Portoflio consists of more than 25 courses dedicated to the Microsoft solutions stack, addressed both ”on premise” and on Microsoft Azure cloud. All courses include, in addition to the theoretical part, demos and practical exercises.

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Partnership with Experis IT Academy

Porini partners with Experis IT Academy who represents the excellence in the field of IT education and provides the maximum possible contribution within all our training paths, designing courses, teaching, creating workshops and laboratories.

Data Management
Porini and Experis Academy Data Science Course
Microsoft Dynamics Consultant Course
Data Analytics Experis
Big Data Analytics Master

with Microsoft

Porini teachers have been engaged by Microsoft to provide free workshops and Hands-on Lab (HOL) at Microsoft House on different topics such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning, PowerBI.