PORINI and Sysdat announce their new partnership on PORINI vertical solution for Fashion & Apparel based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

PORINI is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with SYSDAT.IT. The agreement concerns the distribution of PORINI vertical solutions for Fashion & Apparel based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
SYSDAT.IT  provides IT consulting and services to domestic and international companies of Fashion and Luxury, recommending solutions based on third party “best of breed” applications. The agreement will cover Italian and Canton Ticino (via the subsidiary SYSDAT INTERNATIONAL) markets.

“Since its foundation, SYSDAT.IT has been a client oriented company, providing services with its own staff but adopting “best of breed” third party solutions.  For Fashion and Luxury companies, PORINI applications, based on MS Dynamics environment, surely have the features to ensure customer satisfaction. I am fully convinced we made the right choice.”

said Pietro Piram, President of  SYSDAT.IT

“We are happy and proud to announce the new partnership with Sysdat, a very active and motivated partner, with a strong know-how in fashion; we are quite excited for this partnership and we believe we have a great opportunity bringing Sysdat and their experience on our partner network”

said Giorgio Cavaglieri, CSO of PORINI Group.

SYSDAT.IT srl provides IT consulting, solutions and services to domestic and international companies. It was founded in Pisa in 1981 under the name of Sysdat Informatica, at the time being part of the Milan-based Sysdat Group. It became an independent company in 1992, hence progressively expanding its area of activity and number of offices in Italy. In 2006 the Pisa office has acquired the ISO 9001 certification. In 2008 SYSDAT INTERNATIONAL, a subsidiary company, was founded in Canton Ticino, the Italian-speaking Switzerland. As of today, SYSDAT.IT  and SYSDAT INTERNATIONAL employ in all  approximately 130 people  and most of them with long experience in the fashion and luxury world