Porini and 3li Solutions announce to have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution, into the French market of Porini 365 ERP

Porini and 3LI Solutions join forces to provide software solutions based on Microsoft D365 for Operations to the French fashion and retail market

02/04/2018. Milano, Paris.

Porini and 3li Solutions (Groupe Calliope) announce to have signed a partnership agreement for the distribution, into the French market, of Porini 365 ERP, the vertical solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Thanks to this agreement 3li Solutions will sell and implement in France the solution catered for textile, fashion and retail companies.

France is still a large market for fashion and retail and currently most brands and companies are facing the challenge of the digital transformation and the rapid changes and evolutions of the way to do business. Microsoft is offering a unique integrated platform (Dynamics 365) to facilitate the adoption of modern and efficient technologies, also cloud based, for helping companies to gain effectiveness and management accuracy, always in a user-friendly mode. Porini with its industry specific solution and 3li with its territory coverage, its reputation and know-how in the specific sector, will bring to the market a unique and unbeatable set of benefits, proven by the number of successful projects the 2 companies have in their “palmarès”.

“This partnership makes 3li extremely motivated and enthusiastic about the opportunities we already see in the market. We believe that the success that Porini has got internationally can now be expressed also in the French market and we are happy to be the driver and the key player for this.”

says Thierry Cavaille, CEO of 3li.

“We are quite excited for the start of this partnership with 3li Solutions. We know them since long time and we highly respect their reputation and visibility in the fashion and retail market in France. We strongly believe that our solution will perfectly fit with the skills and the positioning of 3li in the market, bringing to both companies new and interesting business opportunities”

says Giuseppe Ghisoni, International Partner Manager at Porini.

With HQ in Paris and seven more offices all around France, 3li is one of the biggest Microsoft partner in France and certainly the most introduced in the fashion and retail market. Their range of solutions includes software and service on the entire Microsoft Dynamics range of products.

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PORINI 365 APPS are innovative solutions designed to manage specific customer needs and connected natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Porini 365 APPS: integrated Apps based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Azure tailored for your processes and designed to be easily deployed and used

As the business world is transforming by process digitalization and an increasing use in terms of volume, speed and availability of data, there is a growing demand for Business APPS, tailored for specific processes and customer needs, able to connect with existing products in use.

These applications are required to have user-friendly installation and a simple and intuitive interface, to be deployed and ready to use in a very short time.

For this reason we developed PORINI 365 APPS, innovative solutions designed to manage specific customer needs and connected natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Based on Microsoft Azure Technology, they benefit of all the advantages of the cloud, and allow at the same time a simple and easy deployment on all devices (smartphone, tablets, desktops, etc).

Graphics and design are custom tailored for each client, assuring a perfect corporate brand identity and a great usability.

Our Apps portfolio includes a wide range of solutions, such as: Retail POS, Human Resource Management, Event Management, Clienteling, Showroom Management, Product Catalogue, Sales Force Automation, Customer Service , Customer Engagement, Customer Survey.

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Porini Analytics

Porini Analytics: Your personal metrics based on Microsoft Power BI & Machine Learning

In a business context such as the current one increasingly volatile and affected by different and sudden factors on market demand, it is strategic to adopt simple and effective tools that can support management and decision makers transforming data into relevant information quickly and efficiently to support the growth and strategic development.

PORINI ANALYTICS are a suite of modern products combining abilities of modeling data and process the necessary technological skills (Reporting, Dash boarding, Data Mining, Predictive Models and Optimization) to deliver the right experience to executive levels in the company management.

The solutions we develop utilize all components of the Microsoft BI platform & Big Data (Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning) providing our customers with great functional coverage, flexibility and an extraordinary ease of use.

Porini offers a wide range of Analytics and IOT out-of-the-box solutions tailored for specific processes and verticals: Operations, Financials, Soccer, Fashion & Retail

For more info visit the Porini Analytics product page


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Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: Multi-Channel Loyalty Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail: the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales and engagements that go a long with it.

The current Fashion & Retail evolution increasingly favours the customer experience and the connection between the brand and the customer: social networks and mobility are key factors for successful businesses.
The business agility and the increasing availability of real-time information resulting from multiple business systems are a prerequisite for rapid decision-making based on reliable data.

PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail is the solution developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform dedicated to industries that want to manage retail and customer loyalty activities and their own network of stores by integrating all business data without impacting legacy information systems.

The suite covers marketing and communication processes with your customers, cards management and loyalty programs,status management and all aspects of campaigns and promotions management, including an advanced data analytics tool with clustering and segmentation models.

The solution enables to manage:
• Client data and Loyalty cards
• List of purchases made by a single client, with graphic navigation in the product  catalog
• Client profiling according to purchase preferences and creation of marketing lists to support direct marketing activities
• Fashion Data Modelling
• Interactive Reporting & Dash-boarding
• KPI Integrated System
• Integration with all major Social Networks and Sentiment Analysis tools integrated with the CRM system
• Integration with Web Sites to trace clients’ behaviour and preferences
• Advanced Clustering tools

This solution can be used both by headquarters key users and by store managers and sales persons also with tablets, mobile and wireless devices. PORINI 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail improves customer loyalty, increases repetitive sales and enables intelligent selling techniques.

For more info visit the Porini 365 CRM product page